name: alisha marie
alias: nekochan/shaa
bloodtype: O-
dob: 080284
zodiac: leo/rat
location: philly
email: ^._.-
guestbook: notyet!

mood: am i moody?
song: chobits : i wanna be with you
book: nada
movie: frequency
show: sealab 2021
obsession: gackt
manga: chobits!
anime: chobits!
want: OUT

eyes: green/orange
hair: spikey blonde
height: 5'5 and a half
music: gackt, ayumi hamasaki, sugizo, kuroyume, hide, malice mizer, penicillin, luna sea, madeth gray'll, tm revolution, judy and mary, pierrot, shiina ringo, yoko kano, l'arc en ciel, x japan, machine, velvet eden, dir en gray, glay, hakuei, shazna, plastic tree, kagrra, oblivion dust, missile girl scoot, mummy the peepshow, bad luck, adam sandler, tenacious d, buck tick, baiser, the brillant green, mini moni, nirvana, nofx, daft punk, queen, billy idol, porno graffitti, oingo boingo, the pillows, baiser, hi-standard, dragon ash
anime: almost everything. :D

color: yellow
food: apples/strawberries
noodles: yakisoba
song: gackt/ dears
anime: chobits/fruits basket/inuyasha
manga: chobits/trigun
person: Try and guess! (:


// the icky shaa//

Escape from the sinking! Do you see what I mean? Freedom beats the kindgom! -And I saw you in my dream!

[Friday, June 28, 2002 + 11:54 p.m. ]

This is a test, this is ONLY a test. Booooooooooop!

Dare to fake the blues.